Mizu Yokan - Red Bean Kanten (Agar)



'- 300 gram red bean paste (Japanese: azuki an)- 500 ml water- 150 ml water (*)- 60 gram sugar- 10 gram plain agar-agar and jelly powder (I use the one from Swallow Globe)Tools- blender- strainer- mold(s)


1. Place red bean paste and 500 ml water in a blender and process until smooth. Strain this red bean paste liquid so the yokan will be smooth. Add enough of the (*) water to get a total of 900 ml of red bean paste liquid.2. In a pot, boil together red bean paste liquid, sugar, and the agar-agar and jelly powder. Strain into a baking pan or any pretty mold(s) that you have. Let the yokan set at room temperature. Once it sets, chill for 2 hours in a fridge. Serve cold.

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