Kuih Bengka (Tapioca/Cassava Cake)



- 1 kg finely grated cassava, tapioca- 4 cups sugar- 1 tin coconut milk and add water to make 1 litre in total- 3 tablespoons plain flour- 250 grams freshly grated coconut


1. Mix the grated cassava, grated coconut and flour in a large mixing bowl.2. 23. Heat up the coconut milk together with sugar. When the sugar starts to melt, add this mixture into the combined cassava mix. Use a balloon whisk to stir thoroughly.4. 35. Lastly pour into a 8”X 8”X 3” tin, either lined with grease proof paper (baking paper) or banana leaves.6. 47. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 2 hours.

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