Es Campur - Mixed Shaved Ice Dessert



'- 2 tablespoon grass jelly cubes (Indonesian: cincau)- 2 tablespoon nata de coco- 2 tablespoon basil seeds (Indonesian: biji selasih) that has been soaked in hot water- 2 tablespoon avocado cubes (Indonesian: alpukat)- 2 tablespoon fermented cassava cubes (Indonesian: tape)- 1/2 cup shaved ice (Indonesian: es serut)- 2 tablespoon sweet condensed milk (Indonesian: susu kental manis)- 2 tablespoon coco pandan syrup


1. In a serving glass or serving bowl, add glass jelly, nata de coco, basil seeds, avocado, and fermented cassava.2. Top with shaved iced, and drizzle with sweet condensed milk and coco pandan syrup.3. Just prior to eating, stir everything together with a spoon.

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