Deep Fried Pork Meatballs



- 1.4kg Pork

- 400g Yam

- 200g Shallot

- 240g Water Chestnut

- 400g Prawn

- 130g Carrot

- 100g Garlic

- 1tbsp Pepper

- 2 Eggs

- 40g Glutinous Rice Flour

- 2tbsp Salt

- 1tbsp 5 Spice Powder

- 60g Corn Starch

- Cooking Caramel


Use chop and fold technique to that meat and other ingredients bind together easilyPreparation Process

1. Place the minced meat. Add minced shallots

2. Chop and fold until evenly.

3. Add minced garlic

4. Chop and fold until evenly.

5. Add minced prawn

6. Chop and fold until evenly.

7. Add sliced carrots

8. Chop and fold until evenly.

9. Add sliced yams

10. Chop and fold until evenly. (Do not chop until too thin. We need the crunchiness during the 1st bite)

Binding Process

1. Add salt into the mixed meat and mix well

2. Add chestnut and mix well

3. Add 5 spice powders and mix well

4. Add pepper and mix well

5. Crack 2 egg and mix well

6. Add glutinous rice flour and mix well

7. Add cornstarch and mix well (We add the ingredients stage by stage so that its easy to mix evenly)

Rolling Process

1. Take a handful amount of mixed meat

2. Use your palm and roll in circular until into a round shape (Approx 1.5 inch)

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