Creamy Matcha Chocolate Cubes



-200g white chocolate bars (I used my favourite Lindt Lindor White Bars)

- 130ml double cream

- 15g unsalted butter

- 1 Tbsp ceremonial grade matcha powder

- 1 Tbsp matcha for dusting


Finely chop white chocolates.Line a rectangular baking dish with parchment paper.Heat cream and butter in a pan on low heat. As soon as the butter melts, turn off the heat and put chocolates in the pan.

Mix with a silicone spatula to make ganache.Sift matcha powder into chocolate mixture and combine well until the mixture becomes glossy and silky.

Pour the ganache into a lined baking dish and let it firm in the fridge overnight.

Dust matcha powder and slice the ganache into small squares.Sprinkle matcha powder on the top or dip in the powder to coat all sides, which is what I have done. Enjoy!

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