Cook Boba (Bubble Tea Pearls)



Ingredients:Premium Boba:- Bolle Brand Tapioca Pearls Quick Cooking Boba:- WuFuYuan Quick Cooking Tapioca Pearls- Water for boiling:- Use enough water so the pearls have room to boil and float freely - which will help with cooking. When in doubt, use more water as some will evaporate (especially important for the Premium longer cook time boba)Simple syrup mixture (use a 1 to 3 ratio):- 1 Tbsp. cane sugar- 3 Tbsp. waterReady in Total Time: 50 min.Prep Time = 5 min. Cook Time = 45 min.*


Preparation:For the full preparation method and instructions, watch my YouTube video tutorial here. *Cook time listed is for the Premium Boba brand. Refer to the video for the Quick Cooking Tapioca instructions.

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