Chinese Tea Eggs



'- 6 large chicken eggsTea egg seasonings:- 2 cups water- 1 tsp sea salt- 2 star anise- 1 stick cinnamon- 1-2 bags black tea- 1 bag Oolong tea, (if you don’ have Oolong, use any other kinds of black tea)- ½ cup coconut aminos- 2 dry bay leaves- 1 ½ tsp cumin powder- 2 large Chinese red dates or medjool dates


'- Boil the eggs for 8 minutes in boiling water.- Once the eggs are cool, crack the eggs with a back of spoon - please make sure you crack the eggs really well (i.e. break the membrane of the eggs. Not just the shield.)- In a separate pot (medium size pot), add the eggs with all ingredients under “tea egg seasonings”.- Bring it to boil. Turn it off. Open the lid to let it cool down.- Repeat Step 4 (boil and cool down) 5 times.- Let the eggs (with the shield) sit in the tea broth overnight before you discard the seasoning ingredients.- Enjoy with a cup of tea or as snack, breakfast, even side dish!

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