Agar Susu Kacang dan Cincau - Soy Milk and Grass Jelly Pudding



'- 1 liter soy milk (Indonesian: susu kacang)- 1 packet of (10 gram) of plain agar-agar and jelly powder (I use the one from Swallow Globe Brand)- 200 gram grass jelly (Indonesian: cincau), cut into 1 cm cubes


1. Mix soy milk and agar-agar and jelly powder in a pot. Cook until just steaming (no need to wait for a boil to prevent burnt milk) while stirring all the time.2. Strain into a mold (I use a 20cm x 20cm x 5cm pan), then quickly scatter the grass jelly into the still liquid agar.3. Let it cool until set. Once it sets, transfer to a fridge to chill for at least 2 hours.4. To unmold, run a knife along the pan's edges, cover the pan with a cutting board/serving plate, flip, remove the pan, then cut the agar into slices.

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